Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Needing You

Boot camp dayz.

The "missing you" theme
has been involved with a lot
of the words I've produced
over the years

I tend to lose the "big picture"...
and get caught up in the trivial
moments at hand.

I used a ton of stationary while in camp.
And so I used to sell copies of all
my writings to the other 89 guys
in my company!
I charged them stamps, envelopes, notebooks, whatever I needed.

They used to send my words to their
wives and girlfriends...
too funny!

Looks like I scored 2 stamps
every time I sold this one!

Needing You

I'm sitting here
In the middle of the night
Just waiting for the sun
To bring me some light

Darkness and shadows
Surrounding me
Testing me
trying me
Can't you see

And as I sit here
And just look around
It feels so good
To not... hear a sound

And it gives me some time
To think of you
And that's the thing
That I wanna do

You warm my blood
And you wake me up
Like vintage wine
Sipped from a cup

You're there all the time
And it feels so right
And you're the one thing I have
To get me through the night

I know that I'm here
But my three years are sewn
And I hate the feeling
Of you all alone

But when I get back
We could hug and kiss
And we could have a love
That just can't miss

I wish I was there
To comfort you
And do all the things
You want me too

But the day is coming
And it's almost here
So brighten up some
And wipe away that tear

I need your love
To keep me strong
And I know this love
Is where it belongs

I love you

Needing You