Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... My Lucky Charm

A bit too different... lol

I'm still looking for this... very girl!

My Lucky Charm

I've come a long way
Because I must see you
I've traveled so long
So fast
I'm blue

I need to cuddle up
Within your grasp
And feel your
I believe it's you
Who's in my past
One of god's lovely

Thank you babe for being you
You've been so strong
When I did stray
You warmed my skies
When my mood's were blue
And you always seem
To just make my day

If heaven is love
Then I must be there
Because I know now babe
Without you here
To love someone else
Could never compare

I'll give you the moon
Whatever you desire
Just give me the chance
To give you love
To be the first
Underneath your wire

Some people say
I'm a bit too different
Can't be shown
I'll tell you love
I have my own way
But I still need you
Don't want to be alone

My Lucky Charm