Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... My Friend Keith

This one here was written about
a friend of mine...
Keith Warnock.

We were mainly friends from school,
although we hungout a bit away from
school. Like when a bunch of us
slept over his house...
his mom fed us... and his older brother
beat our asses for touching his drum set... LoL

Good times man... good times!

I had more fucking laughs with this muthafucker...
just too many of them!

He was a bit of a wild man... and okay...
just a touch of being a wise-ass but...
that's no reason why he should
have been shot to death
back in early 1980.

Sometimes things just don't make sense!

one day I wrote this about our time together
while he was alive.

That last line about dreaming on...
has to do with the fact that one of his
favorite album's and song's
were from the band Aerosmith.
And Dream On was his favorite song.

My Aerosmith album dedicated to Keith. I wrote that on the cover in a drunken stooper... LoL Dream on muthafucka!!

My Friend Keith

Again it feels as though I missed it
It's been a while
Since I thought about you
Is there room enough up there yet
For me to fit

God that laugh
That stupid fucking laugh
I still hear it man
Are they treating you good Keith
You gotta watch out
For the fast talkers
They're always hiding
Something Underneath

I still can't believe you're gone
It fucks me up
Whenever I think about it
People today man...
They just don't know how to laugh
They're just a bunch of assholes
And all full of shit

I'm tellin' you Keith...
We had more laughs
In that one year of school
Then some people have
In a lifetime
And I'm holding onto
Every fucking one of them
Because I know when we meet
We're gonna do it all over again

Things down here
Are okay I guess
Some people are still rich
Some are poor
And some are just
A total mess

From Pink Floyd... to you

You were one of the few people
To make me cry
And I'm still asking that question

Why did you...
Have to die

Dream on Keith
I didn't forget

My Friend Keith