Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Magic Skies

The sky really is magical at times isn't it!

Magic Skies

Tonight I walked and I strolled along
Remembering distant memories
And humming a little song

The sun up high had begun to fall
And the first star tonight
She was standing tall

And I made a wish upon this star
I wished that I was
Where ever you are

Then it caught my eye
It was glowing so bright
The moon was full
Cutting through the night

A shiver of life ran up my spine
Like there was someone out there
Giving a sign

I stopped my walk
And I looked at the sky
A heaven so great
That you live...
When you die

The freedom up there
And the pure silky feel
Could there be such a place
Could it really be real

When I take your hand
And we walk in the night
The moon is so soft
And the stars make it right

So if you need a smile
Look up to the clouds
You'll feel so good
Get away from the crowds

The sun has arrived
It's another day
So enjoy yourself
And smile away

Magic Skies