Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Just Thinking Aloud

Another one from my boot camp days.
This was from the first notebook I had
there, so it's among the very first words
from those wacky dayz.

I can almost picture myself
in the barracks looking at
those fucking walls... LoL

The words have a nice flow.
I even stole a line from
Don Mclean's masterpiece...
American Pie.

I also borrowed a line from
The Doors magic...
When The Music's Over.

The first verse is my
favorite by far!

Just Thinking Aloud

Wake up your dreams
In the middle of the night
You stare at the walls
And your brain it blinks
It sinks
And screams

But then again
You awake in a world
A world so different
And surprises you
This world is unreal
But maybe it's true

A fantasy cycle
Goes round and round
Your life's a wheel
Your body a clown

But the jester
Who sang for the king and queen
In a coat
He borrowed from James Dean
He lost his way
Fell off the track
Help him
Save him
We must get him back

For the jester you know
Creates a smile
That's one thing
We need a little more
That's one thing
We need
To open the door

For the world we have
Will self destruct
But maybe not
If we don't pass the buck

Lean on me
When you're feeling down
And remember my love
When I'm around

So when the music's over
And you turn out the light
I'll be dreaming of you
Throughout the night

Just Thinking Aloud