Sunday, April 2, 2017

Words From The Attic... Just Something Mushy

Talk about running out of
fucking ideas and material...
this has got to be THE worst title...

But mutha fuck...
it works!

"Positively soft... with lace"

Love that shit!

Just Something Mushy

Waiting for something
To change my time
While slowly I sit
And drink my wine

Consuming thoughts
Of what to do
And where to run
I really do believe in you
Believe that you
Really are the one

I'm a bit different then some
And think sometimes... aloud
But then again
Different is fun
And you better believe... I'm always proud

Perhaps just maybe
The sun is high
And shines for us today
Then I can say
Hello there sky...
I'm doing fine...
Are you okay

This girl is grace
And everything else
I can think of
She's positively soft... with lace
And very very easy to love

Just Something Mushy