Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... It's Here

A great big ball of sunshine.
I wrote this for someone...
I have 2 names in mind,
but not really sure which one.

Doesn't really matter though
because it's just a smooth, calming
bunch'a words that
make things all better!

It's Here

Surprise surprise
And how are you
I have right here
A long hello
That's full of fun
And well overdue

Hope you're settled
And feeling good
But I know you are
It's right for you
And sooner or later
I knew you would

Do the eyes still glow
Soft and brown
Are the cheeks still smooth
Pure and round

Is the sun outside
Shinning through the glass
Into your heart
That's the beginning of fun
The waiting is over
That is... the start

Make the best
If it comes your way
And you'll never be sad
From lack of fun
You'll smile so free
Most every day

Hey I think it's time
To break the seal
And toast a cheers
To things to come
And all that's real
A toast to you
May you shine
Like the sun

It's Here

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