Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Is It In Your Lies

And here's the other one I found
about Denise.

And it seems that they're not only
about Dee,
but also a snapshot of my life's
timeline which has been littered with
emotional ups & downs.

I had to be in Virginia at the time
this came about. I'd find myself
in some wacky bars while stationed there... lol

Is It In Your Lies

It's tommy again
I'm sitting here in some country bar
I'm kind of alone
And was thinking just how you are

But I know the answer
No need to say
You've been in comfort
Since that lonely day

It was just
It was just
That day of travel
That was lonely
The long goodbyes
And goodbyes you missed
Believe me babe
You weren't the only

The last few days
For me down here
Have been full of
Days confused
Wondering what's what
And who's who
And god
I feel so used

Again I'm thinking
Of joining you there
But there's too many people I'll hurt
You know I'm glad
That someone cares
But still I'm thinking
This world's a flirt

No matter how many times
I write to you
I still can't believe it's true

Right now I'm shaking again
And even a bit cold
I guess it's because
I'm thinking of you
Do you know my god
That beautiful girl
You took away
Was only 22 years old

Is It In Your Lies