Friday, April 7, 2017

Words From The Attic... I'm One --- I Will Fly

Another "do your best" boost!

I even mentioned a song sung by
Billy Joel... LoL
Thanx Bill!

Like I said earlier...
you just can't go wrong with the
underdog / positive affirmation verse.
They just always work,
no matter how silly or how serious.

I'm One --- I Will Fly

The hero's of the day
They've all gone away
Perhaps we should listen
And sit down and pray

Do you ponder your thoughts
At this world so obsessed
As the fear starts to grow
When they've turned down your best

The order of the day
Is written on the back
As the piano man sings
About captain Jack

A little push
And you'll be smilin'
The false success
Of perhaps... your last horizon

Smarten up
And use your sense
Only you
And you alone
Can climb the fence

Your brain is there
It's to be used
It wasn't put there
To be abused

Now fill your tanks
With natural gas
And ignite your brain
And kick some ass

I'm One --- I Will Fly