Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... I Really Do

Really enjoyed this one.
Kind of half song - half poem.

But again the last verse is very weak
and brings it all crumbling down... lol
Dancing in the rain???
Good grief.

Up beat...
love the passion,
how much he really does
live in her...
and loves her.
Pretty cool!

I Really Do

Thunder and rain fill the sky
But I still got to get to my baby
Oh what a relief when I see her eyes
I'm completely going crazy

Oh I got a woman
Who can stop the rain
Clear the clouds
And soothe your pain

And I got a woman
Who can love me so
And there's just one thing
That I want her to know

Live love laugh
While you're on this earth
'Til the day you die
'Til your very next birth

And as long as I'm here
And I'm living in you
Those are the things
That you're gonna do

Because I love you
I honestly love you
That's the only thing I can truly say
That I won't regret
The very next day

I love you
With all my heart
I love you

Your warmth and tenderness
Have put a damper on the pain
So c'mon babe
Let's go dancing in the rain

I love you
I can truly say
I love you

I Really Do