Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... I Got Me A Five Pointer

Fun to eat... LoL

I really like this corny mess!
Quick with a nice flow...
except for the end of course.

The last verse often seems to be
the weak link in the chain with my writing.
Oh... and titles as well... LoL

I Got Me A Five Pointer

Looking down upon you all
I see a silver star
The silver star is really you
And I know exactly
Where you are

You're the girl down there
In the velvet dress
With your hair laid back
But never a mess

Skin so pure
Make-up free
Caressing yourself
In a scented stream
With eyes that glisten
While they see

I know you are
My silver star
You're real and sweet
And fun to eat
No need to tell me
Just how far

I Got Me A Five Pointer