Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Words From The Attic... I Am ---

I really loved this one.
Had to be while I was in boot camp
I believe, especially after reading
that notation I made at the end
about going on a boat...
the USS Nimitz.

I should have used the word "my" though,
instead of the word "your".

if I ever use the word "neat" again...
please just smack me in the fucking head... LoL

That one line in the last verse
absolutely ruined the entire piece
for me. Fuckin' blew it
right out of the water!

In fact that entire last verse
shouldn't be there!

But overall...
I really loved it.
I've had so many ups and downs
over the years...
as most of us have.
I'm really glad that I got
some of my angst down on paper.

floating in time on a desperate
muthafuckin'... sea.
Love that line!
What a way to begin
a thought.

Scary... right!?

I Am ---

Floating in time
On a desperate sea
While circles and rings
Surround your mind
I know it's the truth
It's really me
I'm the only person
That I could find

Do you have the strength
To weather the storm
Do you regret your life
The people you scorn

Of course I don't
My actions are true
I believe in my ways
And what they do

I'm doing alright
C'mon let's run
Let's follow the moon
'Til we find the sun

Don't take me serious
All the time
There's not much of that
That you can find

I'd rather laugh
And run on the beach
Then get all hyped up
And babble and preach

I see in the distance
The girl I love
Soft and sweet
And really neat
And she's just the thing
I need plenty of

I Am ---

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