Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Derailed Finally

Like it a lot.
Wrote this about the girl I met
while in boot camp... Lisa.

What a wonderful girl.
We had some fun
and then both moved on.

I don't really remember
what I was going for
with the title though.

Derailed Finally

I think you're a person
I think you're a girl
I think you're the key
To open the door
To accept this place
This crazy world

Laid back
And so at ease
Spirit of life
That lives in you
C'mon Lise
Won't you share it

Release your wings
And cut your ties
Throw out your arms
And widen your eyes

Surprises lurk
While on your flight
But the best surprise
That lurks about
It comes you know
In the middle of the night
When I fill your arms
With love and joy
And rid your life
Of all your doubt

Derailed Finally