Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Debbie & Jeff

These were a few things I whipped up
and sent to them with my reply
after I received their wedding invitation
while I was away in the navy.

Unfortunately I couldn't make it,
and they knew that,
but they were so very cool in
sending the invite anyways
and making me feel apart
of the wonderful occasion!

Fingers Crossed

Well hello my sweet lady
And my good man
Is the sun shinning bright today
Thinking hard about future plans
But you know it will all work out okay

Running around to do this
And do that
And making sure
Your socks have no holes
Getting things ready
Even brushing the cat
Making sure your shoes
Have all new soles

But you know it's worth it
This running around
You just wait and see
They'll never find you
In the lost and found
Because you are loved... completely

The both of you are really great
And gonna make a perfect pair
And I hope you don't mind
If I'm a wee-bit late
You know I really
Want to be there

Fingers Crossed

Debbie & Jeff

Life you know
Is a special thing
Both love and happiness
It can bring
And when 2 people meet
And unite their touch
An event has happened
That means so much

Debbie & Jeff
Please listen to me
The days ahead
Will bring such love
And your life will grow
So naturally

Dreamers live
And I know it's true
So hold your dreams
Don't ever let go
And those dreams that you have
Will all come to you

And pain
Are all part of life
It stays the same

But to be with someone
And share it all
There is no way
That you can fall
My love is with you
May you have the time
To love your life
And live... a rhyme

Debbie & Jeff