Sunday, April 9, 2017

Words From The Attic... Dawn's Early Life

I found 2 more works
with my friend Denise Attilio in mind.
Here's the first one.

From time to time she popped
into my mind... enough so...
that I had to take a moment
and spew my thoughts
and ramblings upon the page.

however minute...
are just so fuckin' powerful!

Dawn's Early Life

It's tommy
I'm down here

Are you fine with your new country
One day
My country will be the same
And we'll be able to be again

I miss you
I think of what you were
And who you were
I'm still here wondering
What went wrong
But it's still a blur

Sometimes you know
I cry
Despite all the things I believe
I still find myself
Asking why

My pillow's still wet
From tears I shed
About thoughts I have
Still in my head
Perhaps I should die
Escape this lie

Summer is soon
Clouds will be gone
Nights will be filled
With a cool jeweled moon

I'm feeling funny lately
The sun no longer sets me free
I'm thinking these things
Though really small
Things going on
Inside of me... it hurts

Is it easier there
Is your new country
Brighter than this
I feel to visit
Your countryside
My senses say
This country
I would not miss

You are safe Denise
Where you are
You are part of a universe
While us... perhaps
A falling star

Stay happy Denise
Look upon us down here
As being a circle
Full of mental fear

Follow the things
You always knew
Believe in what you do

Moral sense
By far
Isn't what it was meant to be

Missing you is hard
Give me a star to look upon
I'll be waiting on the beach
With a bottle of wine
Meant for two
I'll be there 'til dawn
I'll be waiting for you

Dawn's Early Life