Saturday, April 8, 2017

Words From The Attic... Choice Of Play

Sounds like someone was dating
a silly slut of a girlfriend... LoL

Very doubtful that this one was
autobiographical. But I'm glad
the dude left her... 
for a drink at least!

Almost began as a song kind of.

Choice Of Play

In the morning
I awaken
And I walk right through the door
Yeah I'm leaving
I'm leaving you now for good
You've been playing with my head
And I can not take no more
I've done all I can
Yeah I've done all that I could

I've stayed up nights and waited
But you never did show your face
'Cause you were out
Showing off your fancy
Leather and lace

You always say that you love me
But do you really mean what you say
Or am I just someone to run to
On a dark and rainy day

You were the best
When we were together
And you never wore a frown
You would always come a running
And get my feet
Back on the ground

The times we had were splendid
And I really did love you
But now it's gone
I'm on my way
Perhaps for a drink
Or maybe two

Choice Of Play

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