Sunday, April 30, 2017

Words From The Attic... Always You

I can't wait to feel like this...

Absolutely love this one.

Yeah... I know,
it's very simple,
not sophisticated at all,
but it moves you man.
It fucking moves you!

We can't ALL be Dylan Thomas
or Edgar Allen Poe... okay!

Always You

To love a person
Is a special thing
It's beautifully worn
With much to bring

When the sparkle of her eye's
Catch your dream
And you both become
An unbeatable team

Your life is complete
When she's by your side
Free of fear
With lots of smiles
With a love that stretches

Fill my senses
With nothing but you
And I'll live forever
With a strength unreal
And getting stronger
With all you do

You are my life
And I love you so
With a soft snowy glow

My soft little girl
Live in me
Where the warmth
And affection
Comes naturally

Love's the thing
That's in my heart
And love's the thing
That I feel for you
And I knew it was
Right from the very start

Always You