Saturday, April 15, 2017

Words From The Attic... Mother Nature's Song

Well, this is anything but... a song... LoL

This has to be one of those nights of
sitting on the car hood, beer in hand,
in the beer distributor's parking lot
while I was trying to recapture a romatic,
sentimental moment from days gone by.

Those incredible "hanging out" years.

Man, I loved being by myself in that
parking lot... the hood of that car
was used for SO MANY things... LoL
That's the car in the photo.
The doorsmobile! I used to park in the beer distributor's lot on Victory Blvd... drink beers, try to learn the guitar and of course... write bad poetry... LoL Fuckin' awesome!!

Mother Nature's Song

All of the people listening here to this song
Hope you don't mind
But I want you all to sing along

I usually start it off slowly
Then I pick it up towards the end

I said look out
'Cause here I come
I'm drinking up the sun
You know we're all feeling loose tonight

Some of the people
Out on the streets feel left out
Well I don't know why
They know they should be there
Well maybe it's in... you know
To go a new route
Well I don't know
You know I really don't care

I said hold out
'Cause here we go
Oh no no no
Would you please pass the wine to me

All of us here are close
And getting closer
Strumming guitars and drinking a little wine
You know we're doing exactly what we're supposed to
Getting it on and having a real good time

I said listen to what I say
Look up... today's the day
That we all start living... together... okay

Forget all the people who don't want in
All they ever want is win win win
Why can't they be just like us
And live
Without a fuss

All of the frisbee's flying around
At the same speed
An everlasting lovely little sight
I love the affect that water has on a young seed
Perhaps for us he'll grow overnight

Oh yeah
Tune up
I think you're out of key
Sounds better to me
Lets do it one more time

Thank you my friends
For helping me out with this song
To me you know
I feel you're really the best
I haven't had such a really good time in so long
Fill'er up
I think I'm needin' a rest

I said drink up
Lets toast a cheers
To living
Living out the years

All right
Lets do it over again

Clove Lakes Park
Staten Island, New York

Mother Nature's Song

Words From The Attic... It Is You

Another love story from boot camp.
This one sold many times over!

It Is You

How many times
Has the wind it blown
And how many times
Were you left all alone

When all of the sudden
This person appears
Who calms your nerves
And soothes your tears

A person who's soft
As a gentle breeze
And knows all
The top priorities

I know such a person
Who's a long way away
And I'll love her forever
Day after day

And there's nothing you'll say
Or nothing you'll do
That will ever stop me
From loving you

It Is You

Words From The Attic... Do Something About It

Another booster shot to your
emotional make up.
A kick in the ass if you will!

Love this kind'a shit...
fuckin' love it!

Do Something About It

Closing your eyes
In one slow motion
And being close
To a real blue ocean

Things like this
Just set me free
From all of the things
That get to me

Finding your space
In this fast crazy place
Is a challenge of wits
Of which you'll win
And knowing you
And your wild pace
You'll have no trouble
Just jump right in

Do Something About It

Words From The Attic... Under The Stars

Trying to expand and rid myself
of those growing pains I talked of earlier
that riddle most of my boot camp verse.

I think I grew out of a few of those pains
with this selection.
Although I certainly must
work on my fucking vocabulary.

If I read the word "and" one more time...
I just may burn everything
I've ever written... LoL

Has a good feel to it overall though...
and I give it 3 stars out of
a possible 5. Not too bad!

Under The Stars

The cities sleep
While the wilderness plays
As a snowbird nestles
In a cozy warm nest
The animals of the forest
They count the days

As midnight strikes
With the moon so high
And the clouds open up
Letting out some snow
It's white
And bright
And it covers the sky

While the light of the moon
Reflects a sign
There are 2 lovers
Beneath the stars
Making love
In a whispering voice
And sipping
A little wine

As they open their eyes
And the secrets revealed
And they touch each other
So soft and pure
They know for sure
That their love
Is sealed

Beneath the warmth
Of a winter night
These people found love
As pure as can be
With the stars above
Supporting the light

Now the dreams of love
So beautiful
Have captured this pair
In a wonderful way
And the dreams I have
Are all of you
And I dream of you
Just every day

Under The Stars

Words From The Attic... Wanting To Give

More boot camp verse.
Some of the very first from those dayz.

I wrote that... giving is a hard thing to do...
is it??
Is it really??

Guess it all depends
on what you're giving.

Just about all the b/c poems were
very short and very much
a growing process.

Wanting To Give

When you love someone
And you let it show
And you line your feelings
All in a row

You feel your best
When you're willing to give
'Cause it makes this life
So beautiful to live

Giving is a thing
That is hard to do
And there's so many things
That I want to give to you

And I know
That you've heard
These words before
But give me a chance
And receive my love
And maybe just maybe
I have the cure

I love you
I do
Forget the rest
You are my girl
You are the best

I love you

Wanting To Give

Words From The Attic... There's Some In Everyone

A simple truth about who you are...
and who you are... not!
Or could have become.

The inner strength
that some of us earthlings have.
And yes,
it takes a lot of strength...
not... to conform to what the world
thinks is correct and just.

not changing...
at the right moment
is the most powerful move
one can experience!

I like it.

There's Some In Everyone

Look upon things
With a style and ease
And work them out
Anyway you please

Move the pieces
Round and round
Have all your detours
Tied and bound

A skillful move
Has brought you fame
But you fool them all
By what you do
You're richer still
But stay the same

Of course I could have changed
I've got the right
But would it be
By my own decision
Or would it be
From the people
Who hold the light

You could still have your riches
And your fame
And still be yourself
And live your life
Without the pressure's
To drive you insane

So look for your rainbow
And your pot of gold
It's out there waiting
Just for you
And don't be shy
And don't be sold
Your time has come
You're overdue

There's Some In Everyone

Words From The Attic... Saw It In A Movie Once

The very last word...
caught me completely by surprise,
and elevated the entire piece for me!

Saw It In A Movie Once

I see things
You can't see
I see things
In your eyes
Come in here
Sit right down
And prove
That you're alive

I know you're living
For a dollar a day
Down at the YMCA
Why don't you
Pack up your things
And get the hell
Outta there
And I'll be waiting
For you right here

I've got a million and one
Things to do
And I wanna do'em all
With you
I wanna lie in the sun
I wanna run in the rain
And baby
I wanna ease your pain

C'mon c'mon c'mon
Let's go
It's our turn now
To fly
Together we'll be
That's you and me
Forever til
The end of why

Saw It In A Movie Once

Words From The Attic... Stop & Go

A love story... I think?

Or just a man on the run,
forever looking for an answer that...
he may never find.

Almost reads like a movie or something.
Enjoyed it a lot.
Don't know if there's any...
inside of it,
but it reads really well.

Stop & Go

Feeling alone
In the bright summer sun
Feeling alone
I'm a man on the run

Taking my time
Just cruising around
Try to unwind
I'm feeling upside down

I am the one
In the summer sun
I am the one
The man on the run

Looking for a dream
Wrapped up in a cloud
It's got a silver lining
And it's soft and round

Been looking for you now
For quit some time
Heard many a clock
Ring a midnight chime

But then you
A cute little girl
With eyes of blue
Said hello
How do you do
And lite a fuse inside of me
I can't put out

But still I find
I'm on the run
Looking back at you
Over my shoulder
Wondering how
I'll feel
Away from you
When the nights are both
Longer and colder

I feel that I have to stop
Turn around
And go back for you
But who I am
I can not just drop
I need to know
Who will be true

So far away
I guess it's time
That separates us
From being together
But watch the sands
Of time
Turn to dust
And let us free
To be forever

Everyone needs a part of the sun
I wonder if you're my part

Stop & Go