Sunday, March 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... Urban Renewal

you've just got to say

I can't speak for the
rest of you, but at times
I somehow allow myself
to get caught up in the
fucking minutiae of living,
and at some point realize it,
and then just HAVE to say it...

And jump off that fucking
treadmill of thought & worry!

I think it's time
to crack another brew mofo!!

Urban Renewal

Walk on the side of the earth that's bright
And leave the other's behind
Continue to walk in the bright sunlight
While the other's stay confined

Important... Irrelevant
But who really cares
Like I could be dead
On the midnight chime
Or if I'm lucky
I'll love a crime

Don't be a waste
Or cause other's sorrow
Try some things and give it a shot
If you like it today
Then do it tomorrow

The point of it all is that
Living is so hard
That it's simply a joke
Would you like some Pepsi
Or maybe a Coke

Decisions decisions
Oh what to do
Fuckin' gimme a break
And crack me a brew

Urban Renewal