Saturday, March 25, 2017

Words From The Attic... Smile Ya Little Smile

I moved out of mom & dad's house
when I was 19... sometime during 1980.
Did a lot of writing on those nights I
decided to hang by myself instead of
joining up with the crew and having
our usual great time.

This one feels as though it was written during this time
Title sucks... again!
But I like it nonetheless.

And yes... of course I stole the line
"I've got some news for you sunshine"
from Roger Water's and Pink Floyd's incredible 1979 release... The Wall!
Just left out the word "bad".
But fuck yeah I stole that shit!
Wouldn't you!!??

Smile Ya Little Smile

And then I said... what have I done
I've lived my life so carelessly
And never shared my love... with anyone

So you say you're waiting for the right time
When there's bells in your head
And your words simply rhyme

I've got some news for you sunshine
You ought to hear me out
There's millions of people out there
Just needing a smile
And whose heads are full of doubt

Each day you hold it in...
Is simply an hour for sorrow
While maybe you say another day
But for some without a smile
There may not be another... tomorrow

Just do it...
And don't look for nothing in return
Just watch the beauty of a child
And watch yourself... begin to learn

Mom and dad are so cool
And boy they put up with a lot of shit
You say you love them a bunch
But can they tell
Do you really show it

Go ahead...
Revolve your world around other's
From strangers... to lovers
And back... to brothers

For when they're gone
It's too late
So while they're here
Go ahead...
Don't wait

Smile Ya Little Smile