Sunday, March 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... Shot An Arrow Through The Sky

This has to be another one
immediately post navy.
It's a bit out there...
but there's several
aspects that I really
enjoyed, and...
that made me think back
to that nail-biting time
of my life... LoL

Definitely sounds as if
I wasn't really sure
just who the fuck I
was at the moment.
Reaching out, searching...
for... me.


Shot An Arrow Through The Sky

Finding out things I never knew
About myself
About how much
That I miss you

The strangest things that coincide
And even how sometimes
Thoughts come about

Can any truth hurt so bad
Can living the past
Bring about wondrous stories

While living for myself
Occasionally frees my eyes
My mind and body were made for two
I have some dreams perhaps
But birds with wings
And colored flaps
Are nesting amongst their border

Provide me with a silver spoon
A milky moon
An afternoon
To take your hand
And show you me
One on one
Two on two
Three on three
A simple aborted destiny

Ha ha ha... fooled you
Here's to me
May you be the lucky one
Who holds the key

Endless abandon
Shatter your walls
Revolving doors
Kiss the woman with make believe
Hiding behind expensive whores
It's never too late
To find yourself... and retrieve

Shot An Arrow Through The Sky