Sunday, March 5, 2017

Words From The Attic... Obstacle Course

You can never have enough
come from behind...

From "Rudy"
to "Hoosiers"...
you just can't help yourselves
from rooting for that person...
that team...
that life...
to kick the fucking snot
outta whatever it is
that's impeding their path
towards success...
and of course...
towards happiness!

Are YOU... a fucking obstacle???

Or are YOU...
a helping hand!!

Obstacle Course

Always coming from behind
The underdog of the year
Just when we thought
You were dead and gone
Like a flash
You would reappear

Always on your toes
Grinning back at your foes
You were never leader of the pack
But at the end of the race
You held a grin on your face
You showed them all... what they lack

You got behind in your words
You could never talk right
The teacher's all gave up on you
But you got yourself together
And you put up a fight
Now you're telling them what to do

You never did the right drugs
And you drank the wrong ale
Shit... you were a waste of time
Now take another look
And see who's gotta make bail
Yeah... I'm here
Just doing fine

Well here's the end
Of a comeback tale
It's happened many times before
Don't ever be afraid...
Afraid to fail
It makes you wanna win
That much more

Obstacle Course