Saturday, March 18, 2017

Words From The Attic... My Dream

Navy boot camp strikes again.
But I think,

even though it's still an
absolute love poem,
that a lot of the innocence is gone.
Seems to be just a tad...
more grown up.

Not much more...
but just a tad.
Lovesick still... lol
but grown up at the same time!
Ya think??

I sold most of my boot camp verse
to the other guys in my
company. I mentioned this before,
but it's still so funny
to talk about.

They actually copied my words...
and sent them home to their
wive's and girlfriends
as their own.
Love that shit!

The boot camp verse
was usually very short
and to the point.
Short and sweet.

And yes...
there's more of it
to come.

My Dream

Run with me
Please will you come
Soaring through space
And gliding so high
And riding our love
Up to the sun

You remind me of peace
And happy times
Caressing my soul
Creating rhymes

Whisper to me
Tell me your scheme
Expose your mind... so beautiful
And tell me love
Am I in your dreams

Glossy skies above us now
Infinity rides... and rules our way
Completing a phase
A circle of life
Which we create
From day to day

My Dream