Saturday, March 4, 2017

Words From The Attic... Life After New York

I guess this is my version
of life in Mayberry!

Can't wait to one day
get away from the crowded 
North Eastern pressure cooker,
and find my place in that quiet,
calm and lovable living space
with that sign... on the door!

And "a mental catastrophe"
in this context is simply
a play on words.
It's a catastrophe...
in the best kind of way

Life After New York

Round and round
A quaint little town
You hear that unique
Thrilling kind of sound

A tinker-man's hammer
The local pub
Are alive with old-fashioned news
A baby Clydesdale
Drinks from the tub
Even miss normal
Never has the blues

A rooster crows
To wake the town
The smell of fresh hot rolls
Reach the sun
Who shows his gratitude
With the brightest shine
Another day... has begun

Simple life
Hard work
Lustful play
Keep them happy
In every way

Compelling problems
Never arise
And one would even welcome
A stunning surprise

School bell rings
But no ones there
A sign on the door
Explains it all
Today is the day
Of the county fair
Where all are guaranteed
To have a ball

Running free
From time and crime
Is something new to me
But I think my dear
It's mighty fine
It's complete pleasure
A mental catastrophe

Life After New York