Sunday, March 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... In Good Hands

I really do...
feel as though I'm
in good hands!

So so simple...
but the flow...
and the "want" within the words
just makes this one
kinda special.

Well, it feels
special to me at least  :)

In Good Hands

Words unspoken
That I really do
Believe in someone
So beautiful

My trust
My ways
My passing days
My quest for love
Within me stays

Again and again
You comfort me
I'm spoiled now
And can't go back
Needing you now
Is easy to see
Whenever I slip
You pick up my slack

I dream of you still
When we are apart
I dream of the day
When we had our start
How easy we talked
While you claimed my heart

Hold on to it gently
But don't ever let go
For my words for you still say
That I really do...
Love you so

In Good Hands