Sunday, March 26, 2017

Words From The Attic... Give It All Up For You

Love the ending.
That last verse...
fuckin' soothes me man... it does!

And yes...
it is quite possible that
I stole "neon nights"
from Black Sabbath's
1980 monster album release
Heaven And Hell...
when Ronnie James Dio
howls out "Neon Knights".

I'm sure he...
planted that word flow
in my empty, thieving head.

Long live Rock 'n Roll...
Long live...
Ronnie James Dio

Give It All Up For You

Ride a star into the city
Pass the lights
The neon nights
Into a place that shows no pity

Be daring for a night
And follow me inside
Completely blind
From everyone else
Just hold on tight
And I'll be your guide

You don't feel comfortable in here
Well I don't blame you babe
Come on love
Lets make some other fun
This crazy thing here
We'll have to save

How come whatever you say
Well it just always sounds so good
I think we were just born to always be
And if I could do anything to reassure that
I'd just give it all up for you
I really would

Love me the way
That I love you
And together...
We will always be

Give It All Up For You