Sunday, March 12, 2017

Words From The Attic... Ear To Ear

I'm almost 100% sure
that I wrote this while
in navy boot camp in
Orlando, Florida... 1981
or right afterwards.

Karen was in my "sister company"

and we became incredibly
close for a short while.

Ear To Ear

A time of thought
Thoughts of me
Thoughts of you
Thoughts of love
That can't be bought

Missing a person
Who is on her own
Away from me
So daring and strong

Karen babes...
You are that girl
The soft little woman
Who shines like a pearl

Relax that mind
And find your place
A void in time
An inner world
To think out things
At your very own pace

Think of things that make you happy
Think of things that make you smile
And think of things that make you warm
And warm you'll be... in a little while

Ear To Ear