Saturday, March 25, 2017

Words From The Attic... Blind

Starts of very strong...
but only to end in a whimper.
Too bad.
"This person here really does care"...
get the fuck outta here
with that fuckin' line will ya.
That line soured the good taste
I had in my mouth while reading... LoL

The word "dreary" was
crossed out, but I chose
to leave it in.
It's all about word flow!

Has it's good points,
and I'm liking it... mostly.


Stormy weather approaches tonight
Electric love fills the skies
The woman you love... so pure and white
Ignites your life... as she opens her eyes

The eyes of Venus
No they're more than that
Shimmering lasers that tear you apart
And seek you out... where ever you're at

The eyes of lust of which you feed
Are the eyes of love... of which you need

Soothing the soars of everyday pains
Mending the bruises that irritate you
And keeping you dry... from the cold icy rains

Yes these eyes...
That guide and conquer you
They reveal your mood
And take away the dreary blue

They keep you going on days of doubt
They are the power that keep you strong
Yes this pair of eyes your love possess
They are on your side
And can do no wrong

These eyes of hers... oh what a pair
I love the girl who's behind them so
And I want her to know
That this person here
Really does care