Sunday, March 12, 2017

Words From The Attic... Around The Fire

In other words...
just like every other
teenager in the world...
hanging out by the fire,
living a carefree life
before the real bullshit
hits the fan.

Feeling confused
about shit,
and a bit off at times
can hit you at ANY...
fucking moment
throughout life.

Remember these
incredible ticks of time
from your past...
they really can,
bring you back from the brink!

Around The Fire

Freedom lies in the hands of the young
Sit hand in hand beside the fire
And sing a song of togetherness

One guitar... six strings roughly played
Bottles of wine... Mother Nature's crime
And red hot coals... flicker life

Laughing... joking...
The time is gone
Lost love... bleeding hearts
Feeling alone... all together

Sunshine pushes it's way
Through the night
But still our flame is aroused
Strumming still
We have found love again

No one really cares
Where the time had gone
Just that we all
Spent it here with everyone

My heart it lies... within the glow
Beneath those sacred flames
Waiting for someone to conjure my spell
And pull me from a hollow hell
It's always show
For once... will you tell

I'm glad old times never fade
Without them...
There would be no tomorrow

Fearless flame
Give us this time... to renew our life
All the ancient times... come back
Leave them be
And come live with us

Around The Fire