Sunday, February 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... With Morrison In Mind

I used to listen to
almost everyday when I
moved out and into my first
apartment at 19.

Jim Morrison... An American Prayer

At 19 years of age...
nothing in your life
has any importance
whatsoever... and...
at age 19...
EVERYTHING in your life...
is THE most important
muthafucking thing
one could possibly experience.

Sounds fucked up right...
but you all know it's true.

Love listening to Jim's voice.
It really can transport you
to other places.

There's my first car again.
Too awesome right!

Tommy Mondello's first car... The doorsmoble

The book in the rear
window was
No One Here Gets Out Alive
Jim's biography written by
Jerry Hopkins
Danny Sugerman.

I gave my original copy, the one from the rear window, to a girl along the way who was also into Jim.

With Morrison In Mind

Residents of love
And the mystery of knowing
Concealing your thoughts for another time
How often you wonder
Which way you're going
How often you wondered who you'll find

Sunshine's hot upon your skin
By now brown and charred
Feel your memory haunting you
Unable... disabled... scared

Feverish wisdom inside of you
Just aches your brain to run
It's looking for the final road
To plant a seed... inside a sun

People turning to religion and church
To find a leg to stand on
Upholding the law
In an endless search
We need someone... we can depend on

Today we sleep
Tomorrow we try

With Morrison In Mind