Friday, February 17, 2017

Words From The Attic... Watch Them Grow

So fast... so quick...

Watch Them Grow

All the things that I've seen
All these children in the streets
Running 'round in circles
With nothing on their feets

I sometimes stop and wonder
The glory of a child
Exploring things however strange
Like switching stations on the dial

The wonders of a child
What goes on inside
They bring you love and happiness
You sometimes... even cried

To hear them talk
To see them walk
You watch them grow before your eyes
At first they eat without a fork
And write on things with colored chalk
Then the day comes
For the long goodbye's

So fast... so quick
That you don't realize
The time that passes by
At first you hear an infant's cries
Then you're making iced tea
For all the guys

Watch them grow
And grow with them
And bend a little bit
Give them time to comprehend
And see just where they fit

But most of all
Give them love
In happy times and bad
And together you'll make... a family
That's full of fun... and never sad

Watch Them Grow