Monday, February 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... John & Ozzy --- Two Man Team

John Michael Osbourne...
but to you and I...
just plain fuckin'


Lead singer for that amazing band
and then onto an enormously successful solo career.

Ozzy on stage with Black Sabbath

John & Ozzy --- Two Man Team

John and Ozzy
They're both the same
But Ozzy rules
'Cause John is tame

When he hits the stage
In the feathered night
His arms they spread... with fingers high
Has begun his flight

The songs you hear
Are songs of life
Some are soft... and some are rough
And some can cut
Just like a knife

The image of Ozzy
Reflects a madman
But look inside... what do you see
That's in demand

People look at the songs he writes
Some have demons
A couple have death
Some of the songs
Have dark dreary nights

He sings of things
That really go down
'Cause once in a while... you get unhappy
And things do happen
That cause you to frown

But most of all
He does it for fun
To let out some steam... and have a thrill
Then John comes back
When it's all said and done

The diary of a man
It could be you
But create your own... don't ever follow
'Cause we're all a bit mad
And you know that's true

Two Man Team