Saturday, February 11, 2017

Words From The Attic... Trip The Light

Rings of light...
missing someone...
afraid to change...
looking to your past...
and many spelling errors...

I fucking love this poem!!

Trip The Light

Moonlight by the sea
Has followed me home tonight
Peeking through my shuttered glass
Revolving rings around my life

For every ring attached to me
Is another day without you here
And... oh yes it's true... someday you'll see
Commitments made
Are sometimes made to cover fear

It's peering through... connecting to
The cognac in my hand
Sweet sensations fill my mind
Like walking barefoot in the sand

It makes me slip away to a time of times
When nothing but signs were showing the way
Parties lasted... women smiled
And boring people had nothing to say

But strange enough
Yeah it really is strange
How so many people are afraid to change

A single cloud has broken the path
A chance to quench my thirst
It's funny sometimes... to look at your past
The really good times... and even the worst

Cognac's gone... my lids are heavy
Say goodnight to me sweet moonlight
I'll cuddle up nice... and dream of you
Someday again... I will hold you tight
Again... I say goodnight

Trip The Light