Saturday, February 4, 2017

Words From The Attic... Tribute (To Jim Morrison) & Universail Mind

The Doors.
The Doors... John Densmore... Ray Manzarek... Jim Morrison... Robbie Krieger. Photo shoot for the "Waiting For The Sun" album.

I was into this band
and the lead singer... a lot...
during my younger years.
As you could tell by the mural
I painted on the trunk
of my very first car
towards the end of 1981
Tommy Mondello's first car with Doors mural painted on the trunk 1981

So of course from time to time
you get influenced
by the people you deem
"rock hero's" as I did while
trying my best to imitate the master... Jim Morrison
with these two attempts.

And I have to say...
that I did a pretty bad job of it... LoL
But that doesn't matter much.
What does is the mountain of emotional release I felt
while the ink ran from my
pen to paper.
Good or... bad...
when you complete writing
a single thought...
to get it down on hard copy...
it's such a fucking high!!

I could only imagine how
the real professional writer's
feel after they've completed
the very first draft of the book
they've been working on.
It's gotta be an off the charts high!

I was lucky enough to visit Jim
at his Paris grave site in 1983
with my friend Billy
while we were in the navy
serving on board the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier.
That's us at the grave
on May 4, 1983.
Pretty cool right.
Tommy Mondello & Billy Scire at Jim Morrison's grave side May 4, 1983

While at the grave I left behind
a copy of both of the poems
you're about to read. It was an amazing experience for us both.
Click here...
if you wanna experience it with us.
The poems I left for Jim... Paris, France May 4, 1983
The poems I left for Jim... Paris, France May 4, 1983
The poems I left for Jim... Paris, France May 4, 1983

And it seems at the end
of Universal Mind
I made a change somewhere
down the road with that last line.
Oh the horror.
Yes, I actually wrote...
and I quote...
"I have lived my life... I have gave"
I needed something
to rhyme with "grave".
But THAT'S what I came up with???
But later changed it to
"upon the stage"

Hey what can I say...
Poetic License muthafucka!

Tribute (To Jim Morrison)

Dreams of things
And a spinning wheel
The hands of lust
And the things they feel

How strong am I
We shall see
The world should listen
I'll set them free

Run with me
In the soft parade
And I promise you this
You will never fade

Otis is dead
But he's left his song
Now it's up to us
To sing along

The time is right
The stage is set
We can change the laws
They haven't won yet

Now focus your eyes
On the bright horizon
And witness the start Of
 Mr Mojo Risin

Tribute (To Jim Morrison)

Universal Mind

A lingering mind... thoughts at hand
The dreams that lived... The dreams that died
And the dreams we have...
as we make our stand

A seasonal dew... that weather's the storm
And softly... moistly trickles down
Upon an unsuspecting thought
Left all alone... lying on the ground

Believing you can... that's on his side
And it stayed with him... until the end
And it soothed his soul... as he softly died

Jim Morrison lived... and died for you
He left his words... for us to listen
And he left his thoughts... that gave a clue

Walking along a green pasture now
I come across a swollen grave
And the words I read... were the words of Jim
And the words did say
I have lived my life
Upon the worlds stage 

Universal Mind