Saturday, February 18, 2017

Words From The Attic... Sing Us A Song

Everyone wants to be
Bob Dylan
at least once
in their lives... LoL

Bob Dylan

Here's my poor attempt
to do just that.

It's just a very simple view
on how unfair this silly world
really is at times.
And yes I do
understand that we all...
create our own luck...
and success...
but sometimes...
things really do just feel
so fucked up an unfair.

Sing Us A Song

Twenty thousand questions
Surrounding all our minds
Our hearts are free... serenity
But our lives are far behind

Completing phases... yearly cost
And jumbled jive like that
Are ruling hours ever faded... forever lost
Just another time at bat

Saluting flags
You're left to the right we march
Waving banners in honor and glory
Finding out how many bombs
Will take this world to kingdom come
With numbered corpses on each lorry

Bringing ourselves breakfast in bed
And winning bets on Monday night
While other's are busy counting their dead
And looking for an end to the fight

Believable sun... that shines above
You're only shinning on some
You're giving your time
To the beauty and loved
When there's other's out there
Who need your sun

Be it simple... hard... easy or far
We need to get a message through
That someone is wrong
That we need a song
That we all can relate to

Sing Us A Song