Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Words From The Attic... Silent Storms

It seems I did a lot of writing about love and missing "that girl" back then. But truth be told I was never really a guy who dated much. I know, as awesome as I am... : )
Oh be quiet!

But the one silly thing I did right before I headed off to Navy boot camp in 1981 was to fall in "like" with someone. And even though I was a complete dick to her before I left, she really did mean a lot to me and I carried that broken heart with me right into the hornets nest... fucking boot camp... LoL

Thus... resulting in many... many words of woe and matters of the heart. But, that's ok too. Because once the other guys in my boot camp company became aware of my writings, they began to purchase them and...
send them to their wives' and girlfriends... LoL
Too funny right!!

Silent Storms

Been away so long
But I don't know where I've been
I've seen the sights all around the world
Committed my share of sins

Looking at you in a picture frame
Pasted up there on the wall
I see your eyes... telling me no lies
You know I've been meaning to call

Missing you has been on my mind
From the moment we lost sight
As I drove away... that rainy day
You know it was... a lonely night

I send my love up to the stars
You can see them shine so bright
Don't have to worry which one's are our's
Because they all shine for you tonight

Making you happy is what I live for
Can I ask for anything more
My life's so bright... so sunny and free
You're the easiest thing... I could ever adore

Days are passing ever so slowly
Without you by my side
Tonight my love... I dream of you
Above the sound... of the waking tide

Miss you

Silent Storms