Sunday, February 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... Searching

Corny... yeah

Silly... leaning that way

Unrealistic... possibly

Heartfelt... for sure

But mostly just wishful thinking.

I didn't realize just how much
of myself I'd spewed out
over the years.

It's weird to read some of it...
because I know for a fact
that I didn't have the things in
my life at the time
that I was writing about...
but at the same time...
I think that some of these
writings in their own way
are pretty fuckin' awesome!
As simple
and as "rhymey"
as they are... LoL


Fly by night
Fly by day
I'll travel the world... to get to you
And once I'm there
I'm there to stay

My home you are
My security place
I raise my eyes... the tears they flow
When I open the door
And I see your face

A sight so great
Beyond compare
Your eyes your mouth... the scent you own
It's more than a man
Can possibly bear

To touch your skin
So soft and sweet
Like the feel of silk... you really are
From your head up above
Right down to your feet

Will you hold me tight
And make me your's
I'll be what you need... to live this life
Like a stranded boat
I'll be your oars

A chance to love
A chance to see
Just what would happen
With you and me

A boat it floats
On the waters so still
While you my love... just excite my soul
Like rivers of wine
You always will