Sunday, February 5, 2017

Words From The Attic... Outta My Way I'm A Runnin' High & Open Say's Me

As we talked about in the previous entry...
Make It Work...
self awareness and motivational wisdom... will always rule the written word!

So simple right??
Words like these sound so fuckin' simple,
until they're put to the test.
Then of course it's up to the individual
to push on and continue kicking rear end.

As for the words, the thoughts...
they're SO easy to let bleed
from your mind onto the page...
so very simple.
And even though simplistic words
such as these
may seem silly and childish...
just worthless rhymes...
even they...
can have some teeth and push you...
if you truly read them...
look behind and beyond the child-like
simplicity of the words themselves.

Reach down for a powerful meaning...
something that strikes a cord within... you.

You can transform ANYTHING you read...
into a self motivating tool...
if you're in the right mindset.

Remember that the next time
you read some sophomoric attempt
to create a motivational stance.
Always try to peek behind the letters
and words starring back at you.

A new dream...
an amazing thought, or perhaps even
a brand new challenging goal
that you've been waiting to
confront you your entire life
just may be waiting for you back there!!

Outta My Way I'm A Runnin' High

Caress the soul of a sunken dream
Revive it's life and will to be
It's not as hard as it may seem

So maybe you fell... got pushed around
But now it's time to fight and kick some ass
And pull yourself up off the ground

You know what did it... the reasons why
Look it up... where does it dwell
And say to yourself
I will fly so high

You know what did it... what got you down
Change your course... to another way
And prevent yourself
Another frown

As you can see... you've conquered the wall
You've made it to the other side
So proud and strong
And standing tall

Forward you cry
As the days move on...

Outta My Way I'm A Runnin' High

Open Say's Me

Tranquil days and shimmering nights
Bluey green... the waters they are
Reflecting dreams of love
and secret lights

Wondering... wondering
Aimlessly about
You notice the people and how they live
How they join together
Sing and shout

The purpose of all this
There really is none
Just keep your head straight
And respect yourself
And don't get caught
On the wrong end of the gun

The judgment you use
Is truly your's
If you use it right you will see
The steps of ease
Pass through the doors

Open Say's Me