Thursday, February 23, 2017

Words From The Attic... Not A Frown In Sight

Blah... blah... blah...

Although I really liked
a few of the verses very much!

But if I read one more rhyme
I may leap off the fuckin' bridge...

Not A Frown In Sight

I hear the silence
So soft and warm
Lying next to me
Like a gentle storm

Slowly caressing
And touching you so
I hear your feelings
Warmly grow

Creating a world
Both you and me
Run away from it all
A time to be free

There's room for problems and for pain
But we all need time to forget about that
And when we're in our world... it never rains
Just lots of lust... that always connects

Sometimes people need people
To escape for a while
It helps to bring back
That bright little smile

Together we're fun
Forget all the rest
Our own little world
Is by far the best

Our world is short
Our world is sweet
But when we're in it
The love we share
Just can't be beat

Everyone needs warmth
And a time for thought
And our world holds all of this
Much more than riches
Just can't be bought
A world of love
We're living in bliss

Not A Frown In Sight