Saturday, February 4, 2017

Words From The Attic... Mine Is Yours

At times...
when you're not with someone
the need to give away your emotional commitment
to a caring, deserving woman
just boils over and you have to just
say it out loud. Or in this case...
say with lime-green ink!

Mine Is Yours

Lingering thoughts of a love gone by
Rise and fall through lost caverns in your mind
Snowblind people whispering through straws
While friends they have up and leave
And start heading for the doors

Short and sweet... and it can be fun
But you must know when to walk
And when to run

Being happy is a wonderful thing
But I'll go you one better
Making other people happy
And giving people your love
Be it by talk or letter... just can't be beat
It is... better

To see a smile on her face
and feel the warmth of her glow

The feeling I get is just beyond me
And I love it so much to see her happy
'Cause that's the way she should always be

I'm only human... and I do get hurt
But when my love is received
By someone who cares
And returned in the same way as...
I'm the happiest person on the face of this earth
'Cause a woman with a smile
Is beyond compare

Mine Is Yours