Sunday, February 5, 2017

Words From The Attic... Make It Work

There are several themes
that always... work!
Love of course,
the underdog comeback story.
And most certainly the self-help introspective motivational observations.

This one here seems to be a
combination of a "Journey" song
and one of my inspirational motivating hero's... Tony Robbins.
Even though this was written
well before the Anthony Robbins
explosive entrance onto
the infomercial scene.

Like Steve Perry sings...
"The wheel in the sky keeps on turning"

Make It Work

Living a life upon a wheel
Revolving doors and making deals

It's part of a cycle we're thrown into
Without a choice... a word of say
Left holding our breath
From day to day

The wheel of life it plays a game
And it tests your wits
And it tests your aim

If you're up to the test it starts again
Unwilling... not ready
You fight the wheel
And the cycle of life
It comes to an end

But the wheel you see isn't all full of pain
So listen now my child of love
It makes us laugh... and keeps us sane
And gives us fight... when we need a shove

Now that you have the general idea
Reach for your dream
And drown out your fear

And before you cry... and criticize the blue
You must realize this my pretty one
The wheel of life
Is really you

Make It Work