Sunday, February 19, 2017

Words From The Attic... Looking

Not really sure why
I entitled this one...
especially after reading it.
unlike the brilliant "U2" song...
I already "found"...
what I was looking for.

Oh well!?

Anyways... I really like this one.
Don't know why, but at
some point along the way
I remember disliking most,
if not all,
of my early writings.
But now,
with my posting them here,
and revisiting them...
I'm loving most, if not all of them.
Even the really crappy ones... LoL


Sitting by the brook
Or the bank of a stream
Skimming some stones
Searching out a dream

Holding the hand... of your beautiful girl
And splashing water round and round
'Til it meets together in the center as a swirl
And ever so quietly... you hear it's sound

Being together with you right now
Is the only place I want to be
The trees
The leaves
The bright sunshine
And all the other beauty... you see

Anything you do
Anything you say
Can only make this moment last
The birds are saying
That this is the way
Living out the future
From a beautiful past

All of your smiles are stored in me
Your vibrant life is alive
It shadows on me
All the things you see
It gives me power to strive

On a cloud
I seem to be
Since I've been a part of you
You and me
Is nothing but love... and unity