Monday, February 20, 2017

Words From The Attic... Learning Other People

This one here...
well if you were,
or are,
a fan of the band
then you fully understand
the message behind these words!

Shit like this used to mean
to us when we were younger.
As I'm sure it did for
you guys as well.
Sucks growin' up huh... LoL

My friends and I were
and still are... big fans.
And saw them play at the
every chance we had.

Nuthin' else needs to be said

Play it loud mutha

Twisted Sister... in the beginning
Twisted Sister... at the end

Learning Other People

Living on things to keep you strong
Lookout... here they come
People say you don't belong
Well I'll just show them... who's the one

Well I know you and the things you do
But don't think you're foolin' me
'Cause I've come across this little clue
That's gonna make you leave me be

I found out what you're really made of
And shit you ain't so tough
And I can't wait 'til it comes to push
'Cause I'm right here and ready to shove

You tell me just how to have fun
And snicker when I do
But when I say come have some
You looked puzzled
Like you don't know how to

Criticize us for living a bit
Before we have to go
You make no sense
With your wordy bullshit
You've really hit an all time low

Excuse me me now
I gotta cut out
I'm going to meet a friend
We're gonna go out... to party and shout
And don't worry none... you boring fuck
'Cause we'll own you
Before the end

Learning Other People