Saturday, February 18, 2017

Words From The Attic... Crosstown Love

As much as I wanted to
push this one aside...
I just couldn't.

It teetered on the edge
of horrible... but...
never quit got there.
And by the time the
last word was read...
I found myself smiling...
and really liking this mess... LoL

Crosstown Love

Thoughts of a girl
Whose entered my mind
Has sparked my life in such a way
This woman is love
And never unkind

The clouds above seem to disappear
When I think of you... yes you
How I wish you could fly
How I wish you were near

Miles apart... in a physical way
But my heart grows closer to your ways
Each and every day

What kind of person could you be
You've brightened my days
With the flow of a pen
And you seemed to do it so naturally

A sunflower seed that grows with love
Reminds me of you... delicious one
'Cause it's something you have plenty of

Be daring and live
And take a chance
Fall off the earth for just a bit
And except some love... exciting romance

Bewildered by a person
Who really does care
Relax yourself and open your arms
'Cause the person you see
Is standing right here

Crosstown Love