Sunday, January 15, 2017

Such A Great Day

More words from the attic.

Was introduced to someone years back, and after a 7 hour first date we became amazingly close... for a short while. As we were both going through some emotional stress.

And then eventually went our separate ways but always knowing that we were both just a text or call away.


Such A Great Day

Do you know why
Today is going to be such a great day...

Today is going to be such a great day because
I woke up this morning even before
The alarm clock had a chance to assault me
My eyes opened wide
Full of life
Just grinning ear to ear
Consumed with the prospect
Of every conceivable possibility
My eyes would see...

Great because today
May be the day that I fall in love
Could this life really emulate such a scene
Pulled from a Hollywood script
Never will I give up hope
For the day has ensured my vocal joy
Never again will I leave behind
An opportunity by being frightened 
Or tight-lipped...

Great because today may be the day
That I get to ease someone's suffering
In some way
A helping hand... simple advice
Giving up loose change
Today I may surprise someone
So completely with my offering
That they become so overwhelmed
With gratitude
That they simply have nothing to say
Complete loss of their vocal range...

Today will be such a great day...
Unlike no other
Because today was the day
That I actually understood
What it really means to be a friend
How could it be
That after all these years of living
No lifelong friendship
Has ever given me such insights
That in such a short time
To teach my mind to re-explore it's own values
Re-igniting a roaring river of emotions
That I know will never end...

If never do we meet face to face again
Somehow that really doesn't matter
The happiness and joy you've given me today
Via electronic waves will last a lifetime
My smile may never fade away
You my dear Susan will never become old hat
Without a doubt in my mind
Truly so much more than just a woman
More than even you realize... so much more
It's because of you... that this will be
Such a great day...

Such A Great Day being born
Such A Great Day being born

Such A Great Day all grown up
Such A Great Day all grown up