Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fountain of Youth


Drove down to the Belmar, New Jersey beach a couple weekends ago and walked the boardwalk for a nice chilly sun-infused workout and then did some reading as I watched the surf crashing down upon the sand from behind that
welcomed windshield warmth.

It was so beautiful compared to this
nightmare snow
we've been dealing with! 

Oh, and of course I had my gigantic D&D

coffee Coolatta with me! A weekend treat,
what can I say!

It's really something to hear that water
come pounding in. It just gives off such a comforting feeling doesn't it?? Feels like home. Well it does for me anyways.

And it made me remember something I wrote a while back. I was standing close to the waterline at the far end of a park in
South Amboy, New Jersey as the calmness
of the water was greeting me
with a warm hello.

It's weird, but sometimes when I read a page

of words I've written, that they
somehow leap right off the page
and then psychologically place me
somewhere else in time as I read...
that's weird right??? LoL

And it's also pretty neat at the same time!

Fountain of Youth

Like a magic potion, an elixir of life
 Wave upon wave anointing you
  With it's healing powers
Tiny whitecaps rolling in, such a soothing sight
  Then mesmerized completely
   By a symphony of numbing sound
    For hours and hours...

Inhale so deep,
 Salted lungs now filled with pure exhilaration
  Followed by a cleansing exhale
   Ridding you of all your inhibitions
    And heightening your love
     For everything under the sun
Awakening a new-found trust
 For something that's been lost for so many years
  That strength within you
   To live your life without compromise
    And leaving behind everyone else's visions
     Of what you should have become...

Perpetual liquid lapping upon the land
 It's a never ending luxury, this fountain of youth
  Falling under it's calming spell
   Is such a simple & easy thing to do
Watching anxiety and worrisome fears run for cover
  It's what you've come here for, a starting over
   A revitalized confidence has given you proof...

Soft sunlight upon your skin
 And a healthy breeze
  Combine to complete this wondrous scene
   While whitecaps continue to pour in
    Then embrace the waiting shore
You stand there in amazement
 You stand in awe of such a life giving force
  Now fully cleansed of harmful doubts
   Truly feeling stronger
    More bolder than ever before...

Aligning planets, rolling tides
 Answers are found within your motion
Sustaining life, a sanity truly unbroken
 It's a healing source in every way
  These many miles of sand
   And endless amounts of churning ocean...

Forever hold your breath... and feel the love!

Fountain Of Youth coming alive
Fountain Of Youth coming alive

Fountain Of Youth all grown up
Fountain Of Youth all grown up