Thursday, September 11, 2014


How I felt that day
as I stood there in my living room
screaming at the television
while waiting for the phone to ring
after just hanging it up from talking
with my ex-wife Lynn
and reassuring her that everything was okay
just minutes before the second plane...
while she was at work right across the street
from the Trade Center

... and hell


The skies ablaze with hatred
  A billowing horror
I'm helpless

Telephone calls that couldn't be made
  Frozen... timeless ticks
    Life is fading away
I'm helpless

Ten million thoughts... pure insanity
  Standing there in disbelief
    Unable to reach out... unable to save
I'm helpless

I've just lost my heart
  Followed by my soul
    Moments ever ingrained
      Into all I have left
        A meaningless mass... flesh 'n bone
I'm helpless

Comes a quiet within confusion
  Concealing my anger... a numbing pain
    Hours pass... A dormant phone
      Scrolling words now forever
        Consume my life
          Recording a history not deserved
I'm helpless

There will never be another tomorrow
  As long as I can see today
    And today will last my lifetime
      I'm afraid tomorrow's sun has been lost
        Eternal darkness calls
I'm helpless

I'm helpless

I feel so helpless as I watch

Remembering our friends!

Jimmy Ladley
John McAvoy
Clement Fumando

And also the members of
Staten Island, NY

Tommy Mondello in NYC before WTC opened it's doors... 1972
Just look at this photo!

Left to right...

My cousin Kevin Reilly
(How fucking ironic... as he was a member of Rescue 5 on Sept. 11, 2001)
Tommy Mondello
My brother Joey Mondello
My brother Michael Mondello

And my dad took the photo.

This was what the World Trade Center
looked like back in 1972 before it was open for business.
And West Street was a neglected wasteland.
Unfucking believable!

All in all...
I do feel as though

I was a very lucky
human being on that day!

because my ex-wife Lynn had a horrifying experience of walking over human remains and unimaginable destruction
on her way towards safety... but...
she was alive!!
She was alive!

And even though we are
no longer together...
I actually have a few heartfelt
tears crawling down my cheeks
at this very moment some 13 years
later because of that fact.
That she was mentally strong
enough to save herself!

It seems...
that it's going to be...
one of those... days folks!

My salted drops
are just overflowing with...
self pity
and last but not least

And second...
because I could have just as easily
been inside one those buildings
on that very day just as I was
on so many other occasions...
but for some reason... I wasn't!

Unbelievably, I saved a few of the daily visitor passes from some of the times I was at the Trade Center that year. Don't know why I saved them? They began issuing these after the
1993 bombing of the Towers.

I can't remember when the last time I was there for a service call... or how close I actually came, but here are some of the passes I saved.

And now, I don't give a shit
if it's only 8 o'clock in the morning...
I'm pouring myself an ice cold glass
of sangria on my day off!

Cheers muthafucka's... cheers!

I'm gonna begin my day with a
song that always makes me smile.

Full Circle
by Aerosmith

Tommy Mondello World Trade Center pass May 15, 2001
Tommy Mondello World Trade Center pass June 27, 2001
Tommy Mondello World Trade Center pass July 10, 2001
Tommy Mondello World Trade Center pass August 7, 2001
Tommy Mondello World Trade Center pass August 8, 2001