Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Focus... Hocus Pocus... Song of the Moment

Song of the Moment

Don't even try 'n tell me that this silly, ridiculous song,
isn't flat out awesome!

The riff alone can slice you in half!

Add the wacky yoddling, and bam...
your ass is kicked!

I was poking around the other day
and came across this on Youtube.
The first time I ever heard this song by Focus was way back in the early 1970's
and I played it on an 8-track player!
That's right folks...
a muthafucking 8-track tape...
and the plastic casing was sky blue!

Can't remember if it was from the
studio Moving Waves album
or if it was from the

Focus Moving Waves album in 8-track tape 1971
Focus Live At The Rainbow album in 8-track tape 1973

(Focus 1971)

Focus Moving Waves album including the song Hocus Pocus 1971