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At the Top of Their Game


Don't forget to take the challenge
at the end of this post!!

Just thinking out loud here!

About how another person's emotional state, their passion, can affect us in so many ways.

A creative mind is a treasure trove
of stability and uplifting intoxication!

One day, I hope to find my trove!

I've also added a small challenge at the end of the entry down below. So don't go and scroll all the way down and look at the answers before you at least
give it a shot!

At the Top of Their Game

What Every Writer Aspires to Create...
The Perfect Line!

There's nothing better than being sunken deep within the warm cozy cushions of your favorite sofa, embracing the one you love
while watching a movie together is there?

Well okay, if you were having some hot sloppy sex while the movie was playing,
then I guess that would be better.

But if the sex has already been had,
then there would be nothing better!
There, happy!

We spend a huge amount of life's moments with our shoes sticking to theater floors, eyes fixated upon a colossal white wall of imagery, or even in front of that big screen TV in the family room
for that matter, year in and year out.


Because it gives us a few hours away from the mundane, and at times, overwhelming daily grind of living this life that's why.

A time to be inspired,
a time to laugh,
to cry,
and even to fall in love.

It's a time to escape the self-imposed limitations we heave upon ourselves and transform into that person we've always wished we could become but never had the balls to let out of the cage.

That overconfident superhero who is completely at ease with his or her stake in life and abundantly able to spew out every single solitary emotional edict they could extract
from their uninhibited inner hero.

How cool would that be
to become this person?

Believe it or not, at times, these movies and TV episodes have the power to change
and alter an individuals path.

One word,
one sentence,
one scene,
or the entire overall theme...

... can ignite a fuse in us, to literally increase our passion level for whatever it is
that we are passionate about.

It may only last until the final credits, maybe another hour beyond that, or perhaps that invigorated passion level could even remain with us for the rest of our muthafucking lives.

It could happen, it's probably already happened. In fact I know it has occurred,
at least with me it has.

But I'm betting in one way or another
it's happened with you as well.

There have been so many instances when my confidence level in myself has been sent right through the roof while viewing a celluloid hero
of mine up on the screen.

Take for instance the movieRudy”,
starring Sean Astin.

If you've never had the privilege of seeing this film, which is based on a true story, and having your emotional level pumped up to the stratosphere, then go ahead
and rent this masterpiece.

And whether every single detail of the movie is absolute truth, or just based on a truth through poetic license, either way, by the time the end of the film comes around you will feel as if you could conquer anything...
that dares to get in your way.

I'm not kidding, you will!

And along those same lines of pumped up emotional expression was another amazing film calledHoosiers starring Gene Hackman.

Yet another incredibly inspiring showcase of “underdog” determination, and again
based on a true-to-life story.

And of course there have been so many other outstanding, influential films made, as I'm sure you have your handful of personal favorites. But these two have been with me for a very long time now and will forever remain on my “go to” list, whenever a shot of life adrenalin is needed.

Just think about the awesome power of persuasion that someone else's
imagination can hold over us.

How the hell do they know
exactly what will push our buttons?

Pure genius at times I feel, don't you?

But, not every story told has already been lived out. And it's here where I believe the true genius comes to fruition. When a writer allows his own unbridled ideas, imagery and passions to come to life and take us all on a mind-numbing
theatrical ride.

Be it romantic, dramatic, horrific or even a slapstick comedy. It doesn't matter what genre you place it in, if it affects you in any way whatso-muthafucking-ever, that writer has reached into your very being and somehow connected with the right button.

A synapse connection if you will.

Just think about how a simple idea is suddenly pulled from the depths of the creator's mind and transformed into a tear-jerking, heart-pounding Hollywood-handful to lose ourselves in.

It's a hit the very second
that first drop of ink reached the page!

I wonder if they sometimes know, and have that gut feeling that what they're creating will appeal to millions of people or to just a very few select?

I'm thinking that there's a difference in the way writing is approached. I mean the people who create for the big screen and for TV most likely write with the audience in mind.

As these efforts must have mass appeal to generate huge sums of cash flow to keep the industry wheels well greased and turning.

The themes have to be tuned into what the audience is craving, and more importantly what they are willing to spend
their hard earned money on.

Unlike say a rock musician or hard print writer.
I feel that these people
are in a class all by themselves.

Most musicians, if not all are truly living what they create, or at least trying to. And I'm not talking about the cookie cutter “American Idol” generated top hits of the day type music here.

I'm talking gritty, down and dirty bands living out their days on the road playing every dive along the drive that comes into view, and delivering the goods night after night
for anyone who dares to care.

The notes and lyrics that come out of them are their own beliefs, their heavy emotional baggage, life experiences or a completely fictional world
in which we will fall into.

And if we connect with those emotions, baggage, experiences and fictional world's, then we become instantly attached to that artist/writer and become a fan.

I'm sure that their management must try and tell them to write a sell-out fluff hit song every now and then to pay the bills, but I gotta believe that the majority of any big time musician’s material comes from their own passions. From those unending rolling valley's within their minds.

The same must be true of all the big time hard print writer's. They simply love sitting in front of that keyboard, tapping away at those letters weaving tales of woe, inspiration and enough intrigue to ignite the fuse
of almost anyone's curiosity.

And like those artist's living life out upon the stage, these unsung wordsmiths also spew out their very own emotional unending valley's of impossible passion without any care or worry about appealing to the fickle masses abound.

These true explorer's of mental manipulation really must be writing for themselves and aren't worried at all about pushing anyone's buttons.

They're just fulfilling a deep desire to create art. Be it good or bad, worthy or not to the would-be critic, it doesn't matter one iota to them, because it's them, it's a physical adaptation of a mind at work and it just needs to see the light of day
and to be given life.

It's what they live for.
To give their art and creation, life.

And the lucky one's whose idea's, style's, narratives and theme's that just happen to connect with people are the one's who become huge mainstream authors.

Their own played-out passion-play's become woven into the fabric
of other human being's lives.

Their art becomes some of the building blocks, the foundation of a person's history, of their childhood, adulthood and sometimes
their every waking hour.

Just take a second here and think about how many artist's have influenced your life
in one way or another.

There's a lot more of them
than you thought there would be right?

Music, books, paintings on the wall,
so many foundation bricks intertwined
within your life right?

It's really a pretty neat thing isn't it?

But I believe that it was their strength to stay on track with their very own passions and inner artist that makes them amazing. To stick to their guns and not write for the audience and fans, and to always create for themselves
first and foremost.

Such ballsy bastards aren't they?

I can't love that fact any more than I already do, just too awesome. To come out and say...

... “Hey world, this is me! My creation! If you love it then come along for the ride because everyone is welcome. And if you hate it then just say to piss off, and move on!

Either way everyone wins. The artist stayed true to his or her one and only passion, which is of course to create. And we expressed exactly what we needed to get off our chest, be it favorable or not. Zero compromise by anyone.
How fucking powerful is that!


And now I think it's time to have some fun,
if you guys are up for it that is?

Big screen movies and TV really are my favorite of all the creative concepts. I love so many other realms of creativity such as art, music and the written word. But it's my celluloid hero's, and the brilliance of every imaginative writer behind the scenes that rock my boat.

And okay... porn! Sorry... LoL

And so I've come up with a short list of written lines that have given me many many moments of emotional swings throughout the years,

and I'm wondering if maybe
you can recognize any of them.

Now you may not agree with me that these are some of the greatest lines ever penned to paper, but to me, every one of them are classic gems for one reason or another.

Each one of them brings me right back to that movie or TV episode just as those rock 'n roll bookmarks did that we talked about earlier.

So I guess maybe you could go ahead and call these bad boyz... celluloid bookmarks.

Some of them are funny, some are silly, and well a few of them are just down right

fucking awesome!

Especially when you feel how it fits within the scene. When it's heard and viewed

within it's proper context.

But to me, they even stand strong all by themselves outside the comfort of that reinforced context. They need no help

to ignite an emotion within me.

For instance I just watched number 25 and it was just as riveting last night

as it was the very first time I saw it.

Pure perfection,

both the writing and the acting!

All of them really, to this day kick my silly ass in one way or another. And that's why they made the list even though there are still so many others, but I didn't wanna over work you guys too much and take the fun out of it.

Now of course you may not feel the same way as I do about these choices and that's okay.

To each his or her own right?

I'm curious to know what lines put you over the top? Brought you laughter, or to tears.

Anyways, I have listed 27 written lines. Lines that I simply love. You may hate them, but since it's my blog... just sayin... LoL

Then below that are where they came from. Try to figure out the matching movie or TV show
they belong to before you scroll down
and peek at the answers.

And don't cheat either!
You cheating bastards you!

Good luck, and I hope a few of these lines bring back a laugh, smile or goosebump as you read through them. I felt all 3

while I was typing them out.

Written Lines

Old man, you give that dog one more piece of my food and I'll kick ya 'til you're dead!

You... are a MEATHEAD!
Dead from the neck up!

Anything happens to my daughter, I got a .45 and a shovel, I doubt anybody will miss you!

My mother-in-law, for years I wouldn't kiss her face... I ended up kissin' her ass!

Yeah... you blend!

Don't ya hate Perry's wife?

I was wondering what something like that went for? $130,000.00! Get the fuck outta here!

Ahoy muthafucka!

You just don't go to a meeting and say “bug”!

So what? No fuckin' ziti now!

Junior... get the honey!


We're on a mission from God!

Nobody puts “baby” in the corner!

Does Barry Manilow know you raid his wardrobe?

Every man dies.
But not every man really lives!

No one's really gonna be free,
until nerd persecution ends!


Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain!

What kinda fucked up tour is this?

Ya know it's dangerous for you to be here in the frozen food section. (Why's that) Because you could melt all this stuff!

Soon as I get home the first thing I'm gonna do is punch your mama in the mouth!

Ya ever get punched in the face
for talkin' too much?

Leave the gun.
Take the cannolis.

What life? I got no life! I'm in the dark here.
Ya understand! I'm in the dark!

I dare not kiss so lovely a lady,
I only have one heart to lose.

You can't handle the truth!

Matching Movie, TV Show
and their Brilliant Writers


Moonstruck Cher Nicolas Cage 1987


Written by: Norman Lear along with too many other
great writers to mention!

All In The Family Carroll O'Connor


Written by: Amy Heckerling

Clueless Alicia Silverstone 1995


Easy Money Rodney Dangerfield Joe Pesci 1983


Written by: Dale Launer

My Cousin Vinny Joe Pesci Ralph Macchio Marisa Tomei 1992


Written by: Steve Gordon

Arthur Dudley Moore Liza Minnelli 1981


Beverly Hills Cop Eddie Murphy 1984


(He said it at the beginning of this scene.
Just picture him walking onto an empty ship and seriously calling out...
"ahoy muthafucka" LoL)

Vampire In Brooklyn Eddie Murphy Angela Bassett 1995


(He says it at the end of this meeting scene.
He just kinda mumbles it as he leans over to his girlfriend... too fuckin' funny!)

Big Tom Hanks 1988


Written by: David Chase creator & head writer
plus too many other great writers to mention here!

The Soprano's James Gandolfini


(Really... the entire scene is sad AND funny all at the same time!
The food talk begins about at the 5/6 min mark.
It's so worth watching the entire clip!
Call the fucking Chubby Chechers... LoLoLoL)

Written by: Anne Bancroft

Fatso Dom Deluise 1980


Written by: Cameron Crowe

Fast Times At Ridgemont High Sean Penn 1982


(SOOOOO many great lines in this movie!)

Written by: Dan Aykroyd, John Landis

The Blues Brothers Dan Aykroyd John Belushi 1980


(Too bad, I like it... it's a classic!
Even though Swayze hated the line at first)

Written by: Eleanor Bergstein

Dirty Dancing Patrick Swayze Jennifer Grey 1987


Written by: John Hughes

The Breakfast Club Judd Nelson Emilio Estevez 1985


(Awesome! At the 50 second mark.
And of course... FREEDOM!
I cry tears of anger EVERY fucking time I see this scene!)

Written by: Randall Wallace

Braveheart Mel Gibson 1995


(Great movie and love this entire scene...
because I'm a fucking nerd myself! 5:30 sec mark)

Written by: Jim Buhai, Tim Metcalfe,

Revenge Of The Nerds Robert Carradine Anthony Edwards 1984


(He says it a few more times. I've been saying these 3 stupid words since the very first time I saw this movie way back when. Love this movie!)

The Goonies Sean Astin Josh Brolin 1985


The Wizard Of OZ Judy Garland Ray Bolger 1939


(LoLoLoLoLoLoLoLoLoL Too fuckin' funny!)

The Rock Sean Connery Nicolas Cage Ed Harris 1996


(Too many lines to mention.
But the tragic shoes line is truly a classic!
At the 3:15 mark)

Written by: Nora Ephron

My Blue Heaven Steve Martin Rick Moranis 1990


(Buford T. had so many great lines didn't he?
This one is at the 3:07 mark)

Smokey And The Bandit Burt Reynolds Jackie Gleason 1977


(LoL at the 30 second mark. It's better when you view the complete scene.
Because even I wanted to punch the guy my self... too funny)

Written by: Rich Wilkes

xXx Vin Diesel 2002


The Godfather Marlon Brando Al Pacino James Caan 1972


(So fuckin' powerful! Love this movie!
Tons of great lines in this one!)

Scent Of A Woman Al Pacino Chris O'Donnell 1992


(He says it to the queen right after he beats the Gauntlet...
what a great line!)

First Knight Richard Gere Sean Connery Julia Ormond 1995


(Doesn't get much better than this scene & movie!
"You... Lt. Weinberg!!!")

Written by: Aaron Sorkin

A Few Good Men Tom Cruise Jack Nicholson 1992

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