Friday, November 1, 2013

The Hi-Jacking of the Word "Athletic"


Okay, so some of the entries

are going to be
just flat out stupid!

And this... is one of them :)

Just an observation
on how people see themselves
when they look in the mirror.

Now don't go and get your
panties in a bunch girls.
Because you all know
that you flat out stole
that word right out from
under the rest of us!

ya know ya did.
Fess up!
And by the way...
kudo's on a successful hi-jacking!

Oh boy... here goes nuthin'!

My philosophy on...

The Hi-Jacking of the Word "Athletic"

This quick one is mainly for the guys who are out there on all of the online dating sites searching for the love of their lives.

I've noticed some strange things happening in the world of online dating lately. But I've come across this one certain deceptive falsehood time after time and it's beginning
to piss me the fuck off!

Well, okay, not really piss me off as much as make me scratch my head and wonder why!

And I know I'm supposed to give you some kind of opinionated philosophy here. But to tell you the truth, I'm at a loss for words... LoL
Believe it or not!

I'm guessing it's just a matter of not being able to come to terms with what really is.
After all, the mirror never lies!

Well anyway, if you ever come across a profile on ANY dating site where the woman describes her body shape as being athletic, JUST RUN!

Especially if there are no photo's
to support such a claim!

It's been my experience that 99.5% of the women in those profiles that contain that description, are... well... huge! Fuckin' huge!

And hey, if that's what you're into then you're calling me an asshole right this very second! But for those of us looking for a smaller framed woman... it's just a time waster!

Sorry, but it's true.
And look, don't think for one muthafucking second that I'm any prize myself mind you, far far faaaaarrr... from it. Take my word for it, my middle name is rejection... LoL But I don't advertise myself as having the shape
of say a David Beckham either.

Fuck... maybe I should???

C'mon girls, gimmie a break will ya.
What'ta ya think, that the dude
isn't gonna notice?

So, it seems that for some reason, at least within the world of online dating, the word athletic has morphed from a sleek, in-shape individual to an overweight, woman of denial... period!

And don't let that word "curvy" fool you either!

I don't know when this word was hi-jacked and transformed into a self esteem builder, but that's exactly what has happened.

Very few, in fact, .5% of them, in my estimation are actually women who are truly indeed fit, and in-shape with the body of an athlete.

Why live in denial girls??

Be proud of who you are!
There's someone for everyone ya know.

So toss away that healthy salad
and get your big asses
back to that dessert cart!
The double chocolate super-fudge sundays
are on me!!!

Bottom line here is...

And that's all I gotta say about that.